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Web Design Internet Marketing

We are a modern Internet marketing firm with master level skills in website design and website development with full social network integration. We provide website design and development services typically for companies in the Fort Wayne, Auburn, and Decatur area but we continue to add regional and national clients to our growing portfolio.

Website Development

We perform a thorough website needs and wants assessment, competition analysis, plan, design and develop.

Increase Website Traffic

We perform search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM) services.

Social Media Branding

We can grow your social networks, engage with your network and create advocates for your brand.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Track, measuring and analyse traffic to website and social networks to illustrate correlation of increased sales.

Two Departments - One Goal; Increase Sales

We have an Insights Department and an Innovation Department. Adding our two departments externally gives you immediate competitve advantages while saving you the costs of trying to hire internally.

Why we are a great solution

Our team of computer scientists eat, sleep and breathe the web through a variety of devices every day.

We Understand Moments

We study computer science but we also study the industries of our clients and use insights to fuel innovation.

  • Continual Education

    Each of our team members has a computer science education from IPFW yet we continually study new web technologies.

  • Mission Statement

    It is our mission to help businesses increase their sales resulting from Internet marketing and sales.

  • Exceed Expectations

    We aspire to meet and exceed our clients website development and Internet marketing expectations. Our customer reviews are impeccable.

All our websites are made Mobile Friendly responsive design.

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