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Why consider an AMP website?

53% of users abandon websites that do not load in 3 seconds or less on mobile networks. [ Source]

Since the average mobile website takes on average 19 seconds to render on mobile networks, most websites lose over half their potential viewers due to slow website speeds.

AMP websites are blazing fast

Accelerated Mobile Pages websites make for an amazing user experience due to the raw speed. Users touch something and it happens ‘now’. As our lives have become busier and busier, we’re more impatient, yet we expect more! Set your business up for success by making performance a high priority.

Extraordinary User Experiences

Nobody wants to view a website that’s slow and janky. Accelerated Mobile Pages websites eliminate the drag, eliminate the waiting, eliminate the janky responses from user interactions and provide a globally improved user experience.

Why Cloud Radix for your AMP website?

Better Website Quality

Perform a website quality audit using Lighthouse and you’ll find our websites are better than 99% of the websites on the entire web.

Using the Chrome Browser, simply visit the Chrome Web Store and install the Lighthouse Extension into your Chrome Browser. Next, go to any website and click the little extension for a comprehensive quality audit. Measure as many websites as you’d like, then measure to see just how much better our website(s) are than the rest of the web! Yes, we take our profession very seriously.

Cloud Radix Website Quality Audit Report

One Time, Low Payment

Cloud Radix AMP websites range in price from $2,500 to $5,000. We provide extensive peripheral work at no additional cost such as setting up Google My Business, configuring Google Search Console, setting up Google Analyitcs and even setting up Social Media Automation! If that’s not enough, we even include 100% FREE & SECURE website hosting.

Discuss Project 260.577.3009

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