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Email marketing

Email marketing is usually part of a well formed digital strategy which contains several components, such as Content Creation, Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics and monthly ROI Reporting.

Email marketing pricing

Cloud Radix can handle your email marketing for you. We’ll create creative campaigns making sure smart links are used so we’re able to see who, what and when subscribers interact with our email marketing campaigns. We’ll even write the content and make sure that’s both highly relevant and outstanding quality. A well oiled email marketing campaign can be a wonderful way of driving residual monthly users to your website for more chances to convert.

We write high quality, highly relevant, compelling content

Email marketing pairs well with our Content Creation service or you can provide us the content every month - your choice.

Email marketing campaign analytics

Every email marketing campaign performed is an opportunity to learn great insights into what is working for our target market and what isn’t working as well or at all. We’ll track both visits to the website with Google Analytics ensuring to match the data with what we’re finding in the email campaign smart links dashboard.

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