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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the best of a website and the best of a mobile app into one superior solution. They offer the best user experiences found on the web today! At Cloud Radix, we’ve been building PWA’s since inception in 2015. Progressive Web Apps are websites - they are just taken to the absolute highest level of quality possible in today’s web standards.

PWAs are Reliable, Fast and Engaging

Add to homescreen

The first time a user visits a PWA, the user will be prompted to “Add to homescreen” at the bottom of their device screen. If the user accepts, a beautiful App icon will be placed on the homescreen of the device. Better yet, when the user clicks the App icon, it will open the website into full screen mode, eliminating the URL bar from the user experience entirely.

Websites that work offline

Progressive Web Apps are websites that work offline! Once a user visits the website, the service worker technology quietly saves the website to the users device. The next time the user visits that page, it will use the saved content to deliver the page! You can set your phone to airplane mode and test it.

Example PWA by Cloud Radix

In 2016 Cloud Radix built a Progressive Web App called “Web App Design”. It’s a demo of a Progressive Web App that explains what PWAs are and why they are important. The digital device divide of app stores and operating systems is finally coming to an end as PWAs work to eliminate the need for businesses to have a website and four different mobile apps for four different platforms.

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