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Progressive Web Apps are providing some of the best user experiences the web has ever seen. And the results have been staggering; significant improvements in user engagement, re-engagement and conversions all across the web. If significantly improved results are not enough, PWA websites are also a mobile app. To be blunt, a PWA website solution is better for all; users, businesses and developers.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

PWA’s are simply websites that have been taken to the highest level of quality possible. Unlike traditional websites, however, PWA websites are also a Mobile App! You heard that correctly, the website and mobile app are now one. Progressive Web Apps, to be blunt, are better for everyone; users, businesses and developers.

PWAs are Reliable, Fast and Engaging

PWAs are websites and a mobile app, in one

In fact, PWAs have actually taken the best from both the Mobile App and the Website and combined them while removing the worst things about them each.

“The Progressive Web App placed the Native Mobile App in Checkmate.” - Ken W. Button, 2016

Can perform most Native Mobile App functions

Once a website has met the criteria to be a Progressive Web App, it’s possible to start adding Native Mobile App functions and features to the site/app such as:

All the traditional website functions and features

Does my business need a PWA?

If you’re wanting to get ahead of your business competition on the web, a PWA website is a great starting point. And, if you are going to get a new PWA website it’s also wise to consider having it built using AMP website design & development.

PWAs are better for users

Mobile apps wanted you to give over the kings ransom to download their super heavy app! “I want your contacts, location, camera, friends of friends and I’ll take a handful of these and those permissions too!” “I’d also like permission to drain your battery as I run in the background performing persistent checks to see if my app developer has an update.” Progressive web apps save themselves quietly in the background to your device and take up a ‘fraction’ of the space mobile apps do. Permissions needed for Progressive Web Apps are not something you require upfront but rather something that the App asks for ‘only when a specific permission is needed’ such as use of a camera for the app to take photos with the phone to post directly to a website for example.

PWAs are better for businesses

Businesses who make their website a Progressive Web App will see significant improvements in user engagement, re-engagement and conversions. The fact that the website is also a mobile app is another amazing benefit to businesses. One solution, one cost, one thing to update, one thing to maintain and one thing to improve. Native Mobile Apps were never ‘really’ feasible for medium and small businesses. The fact that it required businesses to purchase three Native Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android and Microsoft) and a website and then you have the nightmare of keeping them all up to date with one another meant businesses just have/had websites.

PWAs are better for developers

It’s super nice to be able to learn, execute and improve on one platform; the browser. The browser is the one thing all of our devices have in common. Furthermore, the browsers of the world are to answer to a set of standards that isn’t up for debate, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a means of ensuring a stable and consistent web for all! One platform to rule them all using high level programming anyone can learn; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The web will advance significantly because its underlying technology is simple to code and it’s on a platform (the browser) that ‘everyone’ has in common.

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