Is my website mobile friendly?

Today, data is clear that more people are searching and surfing from their phones in the United States than they are their desktops. If your website isn't mobile friendly in today's competitive tech climate, it likely means you're boxing your competition with your best two hands behind your back. In this short post, we'll show you how to quickly, efficiently and freely audit your website to learn first hand if it passes the test!

Mobile friendly testing tool

Is your website mobile friendly? You’re likely aware of the importance, but are you aware of how easy it is to check and see if it’s indeed mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly results

In seconds Google’s mobile friendly testing tool will give you the results and let you know for sure if you’re website or web app is indeed mobile friendly. If it is, great! If not, Google will provide you the reasons it’s not and you can take the appropriate actions they recommend.

Video, is your web mobile friendly?

It’s wise to test all aspects of mobile web development. Use the Mobile-Friendly testing tool from Google to check our site.

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