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AMP Page Experience Guide

AMP Page Experience auditing tool by Google can be used for free in minutes at

While Google works to improve the entire web with extendable HTML (AMP), they’re also busy working to continually improve AMP itself. And although AMP is built to be faster than traditional websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, “Great isn’t good enough” according to Google in their list “Ten things we know to be true”.

Continual improvement of AMP web pages

Google’s expectations of any and all web pages is they continually improve.

Web page auditing tools are a necessity

When Google adds ‘new’ signals to their Search Results algorithm, they will then update auditing tools with those new ranking signals and a re-audit will reveal lower scores, obviously.

Visit the AMP Page Experience Guide, type in the website address you’d like to evaluate and click the “Analyze” button. The auditing tool will take a minute or two before presenting with a high level overview such as “Your web page needs improvement” or “While your web page is performing well, there are many things we found you can do to improve upon”.

If you get the message “your web page needs improvement”, simply execute the recommended optimizations and perform the audit again until you’ve satisfied them accordingly.

Best web page auditing practices