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Client Reviews

We currently have a 5.0 star rating on Google Reviews.

Alex Vorderman

We hired Cloud Radix to help build a website for our service shop. They did an excellent job with the site, and even helped us with our SEO for site that previously existed. We are now on the first page of Google for “New Car Dealers in Fort Wayne!” (Up from page 3!!)

Thanks Cloud Radix!

Tracey Zimmerman

How blessed we are at Angola United Methodist Church to work with this company.

We just needed to refresh and rejuvenate but we just didn’t know where to start or how. This is where the team came through and really took us by the hand and made it happen. We had conversations about what we wanted it to look like with them and then the capable team just ran with it!

We worked with Jimmy Gould personally and he was informative and pleasant to work with!

We highly recommend this company for your Website needs!!!


Pastor Tracey Zimmerman

Associate Pastor AUMC

Big Red Sports

Cloud Radix is great to work with! The team has been so responsive in helping us develop our site and teaching to load content as our site grows. The videos that Kyle provided have allowed us to learn at our own pace as we add products. We look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Sarah Payne

Not only did Cloud Radix provide me with a great website, they also provided support and advice for all my tech needs. Integrated social media feeds, simplified schedules of events, and blogs all created a much more user friendly site. Plus the work they put in ‘behind the scenes’ made the website pop right to the top of Google searches! Thanks Cloud Radix!

Adam Squiller

Ken did a very professional job of creating, building and optimizing our website. I would recommend him for anyone in need to a site that will run like lightning!

Mike Highlen

wanted a simple, colorful and fun website at a fair price, and Cloud Radix knocked the ball out of the park!

I am a small business owner in Texas that manufacturers and produces pet treats with CBD. I was referred to Cloud Radix by a family member. I really wanted to stay local but as I have come to learn, we are all local now, as Cloud Radix made me feel as if they were just in the other room!

I highly recommend Cloud Radix for those wanting to find a great website design company.