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Website Design Portfolio

At Cloud Radix, we’re committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of business website design, marketing and advertising solutions. In this condensed version of our web design portfolio, we show some our work using a variety of different website frameworks.

While we can build websites in frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Expression Engine and the like, we’ve witnessed time and time again the extraordinary improvements to website success by using custom designed, highly performant, user focused, static website solutions that delight users and drive conversions.

Front-end static website design and development is typically built using one of the well known frameworks such as Polymer, Material Design Components, and/or Twitter Bootstrap.

Right now, however, websites we build in the AMP framework are producing the best results across the board for each and every client. All of our custom designed static websites are taken to the highest level of quality possible, meeting ‘exemplary’ Progressive Web Apps standards.

KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service website

Hand coded website designed and developed using AMP HTML with Bike Theme template from

Using the starter template from “Bike Theme”, Cloud Radix turned what was supposed to be an e-Commerce website template into an attractive website for KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service that allowed them to showcase their new and used motorcycle inventory. Better yet, the new website is something they can update in seconds with their mobile phone by using the Headless CMS we setup for them.

Before the website, KDZ was getting no verifiable calls from the website and absolutely no contact form submissions. The website was also something they couldn’t keep up-to-date themselves.

The new website not only allows KDZ to update their website easily with phone, tablet or desktop, it’s generating monthly leads and sales month in and month out.

During the month of April and May alone, KDZ received over 60 applications each month!

Since the build, KDZ has had us add several new elements and we’re likely to be adding a new section soon allowing visitors to ‘value their motorcycle’, ‘sell my motorcycle’ or ‘appraise my motorcycle’ turning the website into a motorcycle buying solution in addition to a selling one.

Squiller and Hamilton Attorney website

Hand coded website designed and developed using AMP HTML with Blog template from

Attorney Squiller and Attorney Hamilton wanted an improved website as their previous solution wasn’t providing any type of return on investment (ROI). The website didn’t show up in search results for the legal services they offered and they were not getting any new business from the website.

Cloud Radix recommended the use of a canonical AMP HTML static website featuring structured data and social media integrations for sharing rich media cards.

The website went from nowhere to be found on Google to the first page of Google, at position one, two or three for the majority of their areas of practice.

Most importantly, the website is generating weekly local legal leads like clockwork, effectively growing business and substantiating the new website spend.

Compass CPA website

Hand coded in Twitter Bootstrap and then married the theme to WordPress for the Blog pages only

In 2015, we began using the best use of a blazing fast, static website in Twitter Bootstrap while we used WordPress for ‘only’ the blog section. This website was well ahead of its time as we had any new blog posts with specific tags automatically post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr social media venues.

Vorderman Motor Werks website

Hybrid web design featuring an entirely static website in Twitter Bootstrap except for the WordPress blog with social media automation

Using the best of both worlds, this website features blazing fast static web pages except the blog section, which is controlled by WordPress. We wired the custom designed theme to WordPress so the user experience is consistent regardless of the page they were on; static or dynamic.

NESCO Rentals website

Designed and developed in WordPress featuring custom plugin development within WooCommerce

NESCO Rentals website was built in WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin for e-Commerce ‘like’ function modified with a custom built plugin by Cloud Radix to add to quote with user specific saving function for rapid re-engagement of quote submissions. The website was an extensive project that well showed our ability to push beyond the limitations of off the shelf software with custom plugin development.

Olympia Pools & Spas website

Website designed and developed in WordPress featuring automatic social media posting of new blog posts

Built for Olympia Pools & Spas, this website features social automation from blog to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Cloud Radix also setup Hashtag Automation via Instagram to Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter and this website.

Cloud Radix specializes in Social Automation providing clients ‘one action’ to produce ‘multiple-positive occurrences’ which help search discovery and ultimately website conversions. Social efforts are designed from the start to drive traffic to the website and create backlinks along the way.

OZ Strength & Conditioning website

Hand coded in Twitter Bootstrap with Material Design theme

This static website was hand crafted by our team in 2015 using the Material Design standard. Blazing fast, highly engaging and super clean were a few of the goals that were set prior to the build. Also, we wanted the website to make it easy for visitors to sign up for classes or contact OZ in their preferred means of communication. We achieved every goal we set out by utilizing state of the art, at the time, Twitter Bootstrap combined with Material Design to present an extraordinary, different and highly impressive design.

Huntington Nursery website

A WordPress website solution featuring over a hundred photos taken on site by Cloud Radix

Designed and developed in 2015, this Wordpress website was an instant hit as the business was able to add blog posts that automatically posted to each of their social media profiles. Adding content to the website produced automatic social media marketing!

Shop App web app

Demo Cloud Radix built and deployed using Shop App by Google

Shop App is an E-Commerce Progressive Web App that was built using Polymer from the Polymer Project by Google. The app shows the snappy, fun and rewarding experience that’s possible even on slower network connections. Responsive design for three different view ports shows extensive work went into this little e-Commerce gem. This app can be used for any new or future e-Commerce application for businesses seeking something exciting, innovative and downright clean.

SafeHouse Data Center website

Website was designed and developed using Twitter Bootstrap

SafeHouse Data Center, here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, wanted something that could showcase their services to those businesses seeking to encrypt their data in the cloud. The website was hand coded using Twitter Bootstrap resulting in a blazing fast user experience that was important to the client.

Web Forest web app

Front end development using Polymer Web Components

A demonstration web app built in 2015 by Cloud Radix to show the power of Web Components made using Google’s Polymer. This is one of the first Progressive Web Apps build by Cloud Radix and clearly demonstrates the super snappy user experience of a Single Page Application (SPA) with its monolithic structure.

Web Design Experience website

Designed and developed in AMP HTML

One of the first websites we built in AMP, this website features blazing fast load times in a simple blog format. Simply a demonstration website by Cloud Radix as a proof of concept regarding the improved website loading performance for users of mobile, tablet and desktop devices on a variety of network connections.

You can view this demonstration website but keep in mind it was built in 2016 and hasn’t been kept up-to-date. There may be some content that’s embedded that’s no longer available.

Italian Grille website

Hand coded in a Material Design theme using Twitter Bootstrap with gulp build process

Italian Grille is located in Auburn, Indiana and is the premier Italian Food spot in the area! They needed and deserved a great website that stood tall in search results, so they hired Cloud Radix to perform the build. The website was designed with a custom theme in Material Design. The build process was executed using Gulp.

MidWest VoIP website

Static website designed & developed using the Twitter Bootstrap framework

Custom designed, tailor made, hand coded in Twitter Bootstrap in 2015.

Connolly’s Do It Best website

WordPress website design using client pre-selected theme

The Connolly’s Do It Best website provides an example of our website design and development in the 2014 using WordPress.

Lather Up Heartstrings

Joomla website using YooTheme

Joomla e-Commerce website we designed and developed for a Fort Wayne client who manufactures their own products for personal skin and lip care. This website was built using the Joomla framework combined with a Yootheme theme using the UIKit CSS framework .

Adams Central Community Schools website

Joomla CMS framework using RockeTheme theme

The Adams Central Community Schools website was built in 2013 using the Joomla Framework. We used RockeTheme for the theme and custom function was provided created with JSeblod’s content construction kit (CCK).

We developed in Joomla extensively from 2007 to 2013.